The YLDP of Houston’s Academic year-long curriculum consists of Class Room Speaker Sessions, Service Project and Graduation as the final event concluding with recognition of students.

1. Classroom/Virtual Sessions: There will be eight sessions and an additional session for graduation. These sessions will also include field trips to the Houston Food Bank, The Light House of Houston, TranStar and other key centers. Each session will focus on one of the following themes:

  • i. Politics/Government
  • ii. Philanthropy/Charity
  • iii. Science/Technology
  • iv. Business/Entrepreneurship
  • v. Culture/Art

These sessions will feature high profile and distinguished leaders in the greater Houston area, allowing students to listen to and actively engage with the leaders in a Q&A session. Presentations, class session/field trip article writing and public speaking are a required part of the program. The session reflections will be submitted by student team leads to within 3-5 days after the session, for publication in local Newspapers.

Book: HBR’s 10 Must Read on “LEADERSHIP”
Each student will be required to read the best of Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles on Leadership. The Curriculum Director will guide and walk the class through some of the key sections. However, each student is encouraged to read and self learn as well. Reflect on some of the key thoughts and apply the pearls of wisdom from of the greatest management/leadership thinkers like Peter Drucker and John Kotter. YLDP will provide this book to each student free of cost.

2. Service/Volunteering Project: Each student is required to participate in one of the planned team service projects. The framework of the project will be provided and the student team will lead, coordinate, plan and execute the project, serving the local community. Each student is mandated to complete one Service Project. Service Director will guide and support as needed but will expect independent thinking and effort, and support from parents. In case Service Director cannot be reached, contact YLDP Vice-President for guidance.

Service Projects Organizations: a) Houston Food Bank, and b) Lighthouse of Houston. The service project will consist of eight hours effort. Additional volunteering or community outreach service will be encouraged and acknowledged. Each student is required to submit an essay based on their service/volunteering project, sharing personal insights and learnings from the experience. The essay should be of minimum 300 words to a maximum 500 words, submitted to by March 31st. Details will be provided at the start of the YLDP session and through emails.

4. Student Networking Event: YLDP will encourage students to plan and participate in a networking event. Students will be supported and guided by YLDP Secretary. This event is aimed for fun, building relationships and getting to know your team members. You need to inform and get parental approval and be safe in all your activities related to YLDP, networking included.

5. Graduation: Each student is required to attend the graduation ceremony after completion of all class sessions, service/volunteering projects and essay submission on time. Exception for two absences will be made only with a valid reason and prior notification (email 2 weeks in advance) to Completion of complete program will entitle student for a graduation certificate and recognition awards at a public graduation ceremony.